Living Root Bridges near Mawlynnong

The living root bridges of Meghalaya are a unique feat of bio-engineering. Instead of building bridges, the Khasis grow them. This is the picture of the bridge at Wahthyllong, near Mawlynnong. The local people discovered an ingenuous way of crossing these fast-flowing streams hundreds of years ago. This bridge at Wahthyllong is believed to be at least 100-150 years old.
How are these bridges made? Bamboo or the hollowed out trunks of the betel nut tree are placed across the stream. Then the roots of the Rubber Tree/Ficus elastica (native to the north-eastern region) are trained to grow in a straight line across the bamboo or betel nut trunk. When they reach the other side they’re allowed to take root on the soil. Over a period of time, as the roots keep growing, the bridge is sturdy and ready for use. Stones are inserted in the gaps later making it look like a stone-covered pathway.
(By Kanak7 )