Mawlynnong nestles almost unobtrusively in the forest of East Khasi Hills that surrounds it and is incredibly beautiful.
Houses 77
Population 414 204 210
Literacy 93.71 % 92.99 % 94.35 %

The Khasi Tribe
The Khasi tribe is one of the existing indigenous people. It has its own established principles on social kinship, relations and faith in the supreme Deity. The isolation of this hilly area was breached by the advent of the British and the advent of Christianity in the nineteenth century. Christianity has had a tremendous influence on the people and most of their traditional religious practices has disappeared. This disappearance has, however, not affected the distinctive identity of the Khasi race.
There are 'as many as 3363 number of clans' in the Khasi race. This development of many clans perhaps, serve as an indication of it being one of the oldest tribes ever to have existed on earth.
The underlying concept of matriliny which is practised among the nearly one million Khasi people is that descent and lineage is from the mother‟s clan line and ancestral property passes through the youngest daughter who is the custodian of ancestral property. The Khasi-Pnar society exists amidst a strong patriarchal Indian society. Yet matriliny has been able to survive here.